Reducing Disinformation on the Internet: We Need a New Strategy

There are technologies currently available to combat media manipulation online.

However, there will not be only one solution to reducing or flagging the abundance of disinformation on social media sites. We need a handful of these techniques that swing from automated triage and categorization of incoming media (pre-normalization) to in-depth content review by computer and human content moderators and fact-checkers. A great article by Tiffany Hsu at the The New York Times uses TikTok to highlight the variety of considerations that society faces.

At Medex Forensics, we offer an automated service that social media sites can use to determine #authenticity and #provenance of digital video before the video is converted for distribution on the platform. Think of the insights this will offer to content safety and content moderation pipelines. Trying to answer these questions after data has been normalized in social media distribution pipelines puts everyone at a disadvantage.

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