(June 14th, 2023) Revir Technologies, Inc. (‘Revir’), announced today that it has reached an agreement to integrate Medex Forensics’ Video Authentication Platform into Scout PD, the intelligent digital evidence management system (iDEMS) with high compliance.

Is a video evidence file an original? Has the video been edited or tampered with? These are critical questions for law enforcement as digital evidence volumes continue to swell with the proliferation of mobile devices, laptops, CCTV, social media, and other sources. Is the evidence what it purports to be? Criminals, particularly those who are members of a criminal enterprise within organized crime, are sophisticated users of technology. Law enforcement and prosecutors require equal, or better, counter measures for detecting those who attempt to manipulate evidence to obfuscate the truth.

“We are excited that Revir has integrated our video authenticity engine with their intelligent DEMS, Scout PD, to be able to contextually quantify the source and journey of digital video evidence,” said Bertram Lyons, Chief Executive Officer at Medex Forensics. “At Medex, our mission is to empower our customers with the most advanced video analysis to be able to quickly determine the trustworthiness of digital evidence. Is the file what it purports to be? Has it been edited or tampered with? By automating the binary analysis of a digital video, we can quickly evaluate the sequence of the bytes and say that a given file is a match to files that have been encoded by a particular brand/model of camera or a particular software product or platform.”

Together, Scout PD’s best-in-class enterprise search capability coupled with Medex’s byte-level validations, will make baseline discovery of unauthentic files, and those of questionable veracity, easily found in the haystack of investigative materials,” commented Marc Messina, CEO of Revir Technologies. “This will benefit the search for missing persons, human trafficking, crimes against children, narcotics task forces, as well as robbery and homicide, as all of these units work to ensure justice and public safety across our communities.”


Scout PD is the intelligent digital evidence management system (iDEMS) for investigations. It delivers enterprise search, file sharing, industry-leading analytics, a smart city portal, cloud storage, and cloud migration. It is engineered for AWS GovCloud; the undisputed leader in FedRAMP High authorizations. Scout PD is for detectives and prosecutors who want an alternative to generic SharePoint file systems and antiquated tools. It automates mundane tasks and accelerates workflows by 7x-500x, driving 10x+ ROIs for public safety managers. Its unparalleled infrastructure pricing transparency benefits value-driven, budget-conscious police departments and law enforcement agencies in need of a force multiplier to address headcount shortfalls and high rates of violent crime.

Medex Forensics develops and deploys novel technology to identify child predators, to fight digital crime, and to combat disinformation. Designed and built in the United States and engineered to provide cutting-edge technology for public safety, the company’s flagship product, the Medex Video Authentication Platform, gives investigators previously unavailable insight into the origins and authenticity of digital video files. Medex is used and trusted at agencies throughout the US, and across the globe.

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